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Term Of The Day . The spread for an asset is influenced by a number of factors: . For a stock option, the spread would be the difference between the strike .

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What the Libor-OIS Spread Says - St. Louis Fed - Federal Reserve ...
May 11, 2009 . interest obligation to the other. The term Libor-OIS spread is assumed to be a measure of the health of banks because it reflects what banks .

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U.S. Banking System In Trouble? - Seeking Alpha
Nov 25, 2011 . Now to a less happy topic, namely the US banks, especially the . looking CDS spread of a major US financial firm in absolute terms – click for .

spread financial definition of spread. spread finance term by the ...
(1) The gap between bid and ask prices of a stock or other security. (2) The simultaneous purchase and sale of separate futures or options contracts for the same .

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. term spread seem to have a structural break around 1979-1980.

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Banking Glossary. Understanding all those complicated finance and banking terms can be difficult even for the most experienced banking professionals out .

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It is the interest rate at which lenders can borrow money from other banks. . will increasingly lead to long-term stability in the spread between PRIME and .

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difference (spread) between the public offering price of a security and the . do investment banks price underwriting services for American Depository . Barron's Finance & Investment Dictionary Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.

What is spread? definition and meaning
Definition of spread: Commodities trading: Difference between the buying and selling price of the . Popular 'Banking, Commerce, Credit, & Finance' Terms .

The dynamics of bank spreads and financial structure
We estimate the dynamic adjustment of bank spreads (that is, . long-term borrowers “implicit interest rate insurance” by smoothing bank loan rates over the .

What is LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offered Rate) and how ... - Quora
What is the conventional way to quote/use it (I hear many different terms, i.e. . In essence, it is the rate at which member banks can borrow from one another in . See note below on CP Term Spreads for what wide / tight spreads can indicate.

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Dictionary of Banking Terms. spread. Banking. The percentage difference between the interest rate charged on a bank loan and the lender's cost of funds.

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3 days ago . Weekly Term Accounts APY Spread and Premium Index-September 24 . As new technologies have emerged to make banking easier, .