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While most NBA teams hold contracts valued in excess of the salary cap, few teams have payrolls at luxury tax levels. The tax .

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NBA Salary Cap FAQ
Jul 14, 2012 . One possible explanation is that the NBA's luxury tax system (which started in 2003) stratified the league into the haves (teams that could afford .

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NBA sets salary cap and luxury tax numbers for 2012-13 ...
Jul 10, 2012 . The NBA announced late Tuesday the 2012-13 season's salary cap and luxury tax numbers with both remaining the same as for 2011-12.

5 NBA Teams with the Fattest Luxury Tax Bills in 2012-13 | Bleacher ...
Sep 2, 2012 . The NBA offseason was full of intriguing player movement, and although some teams improved dramatically on paper, they will have to shell .

NBA Releases 2012-13 Salary Cap, Luxury Tax Numbers - Blazer's ...
Jul 10, 2012 . The NBA has announced its 2012-13 salary cap and luxury tax . Any team whose team salary exceeds that figure will pay a $1 tax for each $1 .

Which NBA teams have paid the most in luxury taxes, since the tax ...
Jul 26, 2012 . From the blog Ball Don't Lie: The idea of a luxury tax to rein in excessive NBA spending was proposed during the extended 1998-99 NBA .

NBA Free Agency: Which Teams have salary cap space?
Jul 1, 2012 . In other words, if the tax threshold was $65 million and Team X had a payroll of $85 million, it had to write a luxury tax check to the NBA for $20 .

Lakers face day of reckoning with NBA luxury tax - Los Angeles Times
Sep 18, 2012 . NBA teams must pay a $1.50-to-$1 ratio for the first $4.99 million they are over the luxury-tax threshold, a $1.75-to-$1 ratio for being $5 million .

Which team has paid the most luxury tax ever? Thanks Isiah ...
Jul 26, 2012 . Mark Deeks — the man behind the best NBA salary site on the Web, . The top three teams on that list have one in the luxury tax era. Yes, four .

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7 NBA Teams Trapped in the New CBA | HOOPSWORLD ...
Jun 12, 2012 . All the press goes to the NBA teams with the most cap space to spend in free . For example, teams over the luxury tax don't have the Bi-Annual .

NBA sets salary cap and luxury tax for 2012-13 season | Daily ...
Jul 10, 2012 . NBA sets salary cap and luxury tax for 2012-13 season. . Teams exceeding the tax line will have to pay one dollar for every dollar over.