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College Transfer FAQs: How Do I Convert from Quarter Units to ...
This article tells you how to convert between the two and offers some . Quarter units and semester units are an example of this difference. . accepted when you transfer, the number of credits to be awarded, and the type of credit to be given .

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Transferring Credits: Ohio University Admissions
How will your credits transfer? . Once you are admitted, you will receive a credit transfer report within approximately two . Semester to Quarter Equivalencies .

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Transfer Applicants: Credit - Office of Admissions at the University of ...
Credit Conversion: If you have taken courses at an institution that uses quarter credit or units other than semester credits, we will convert your quarter .

Semester to Quarter Conversion Chart
This table shows the conversion between semester credit hours that may have . semester system or transferred from another college and quarter credit hours.

Credit transfer - semester hour to quarter hour
Can anyone confirm how semester credit hours equate to quarter credits. My current program offers classes worth 4 quarter credits each - and I .

Quarter to Semester Conversion - General Information
For example, a 5 hr quarter course will be converted to 5 x 0.6667 = 3.3, 4 qtr. credits will convert to 2.6, and 3 credits become 2 under semesters. REQUIRED .

Transfer Credit Policies | University of Washington
To students pursuing a first bachelor's degree, the Office of Admissions awards transfer credit according to the guidelines discussed here. Admissions reserves .

Quarters and Semesters
Home Transfer Center Quarters and Semesters. Transfer Center. Transfer . A five credit class would meet five hours a week for 11 weeks. A typical full time load .

"Transfer students are students who have successfully completed at ...
"Transfer students are students who have successfully completed at least 36 . Which is 12 credit hours per semester (or 18 quarters hours).

Quarter Credits vs. Semester Credits (requirements, student ...
Feb 16, 2012 . I am a junior college student attempting to transfer to a university. I was researching the university admission requirements and have found I am .

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Business Administration & Economics Quarter to Semester
To convert semester hours into quarter hours divide the quarter credit hours by 1.5 or multiply the semester credit hours by .6667. To convert quarter hours into .

Evaluation of Transfer Credits: Information for Incoming Students
Evaluation of Transfer Credits for the Rutgers School of Environmental and . in a quarter-hour system receives 2/3 of the credit when converted into semester .